Ensuring Continuous Improvement

( When Going Onsite Isn't An Option )

Leading & Conducting
EHS Audits Remotely

In addition to the typical steps to preparing for your EHS audits, the following are considerations specifically for when your audit must be conducted remotely.

Determine Scope

Define the scope and objective of the audit. Identify any access and site resource limitations. Understand level of operations if under abnormal conditions.

Establish Team

Identify audit team members, auditee guides and participants. Keep in mind differences in access to secure and reliable technology and data connection.

Plan Audit

Prepare audit plan identifying processes to be audited, guides to facilitate activities and key personnel to be interviewed. Identify time zone differences.

Compile Report

Gather completed auditor forms, notes and tools. Debrief with audit team, specifically noting any complications. Compile the audit report for peer review.

Identify Risks

Identify possible gaps in audit completeness and ability to verify effectiveness of operational controls. Develop mitigating auditing strategies.

Configure Technology

Determine available IT resources and security requirements for facilitating remote meetings, reviewing documents and observing operational controls.

Conduct Audit

Conduct opening and closing meetings, interviews and review documents with meeting app. Consider use of Smartphones to observe operational controls.

Review Report

Peer review the audit report against the audit scope, objectives, risks and mitigation strategies previously identified. Finalize the audit report.

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